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OpenMusic files not showing up

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I failed to see this question when it first appeared. I apologize. Of course, if I can't help you, the issue is moot.

In Scenario, hold down the "Cheats" button to get a dropdown menu: select, "Object Selection" to open the Object Selection window; top right of that pane you will see a button labelled, "Advanced"; select it and on the new toolbar you'll see a tab with the Music icon; your Custom Music objects should be there and, once you've enabled those you want, they should appear in all attractions' Music dropdown.

If you're looking for the new tracks supplied by Jalmaan/auraspecs, look beside the "Advanced" button and select the "Filters" button; from the dropdown, select "OpenRCT2 Official".

I hope I help you find what you're after. Oh, any issues at all, Deurklink posted "how to" videos a while back,




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