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  1. Hi guys, I've just been bought a 4K TV as a gift and have rigged it up to my computer. Unfortunately the cursor doesn't appear in the game at all using this monitor. I managed to change the resolution to the 4K resolution in the hope that this would fix it but it has not. Any ideas? EDIT: It appears this is a problem with the OpenGL drawing engine. For now I've gone over to the Software and that works fine. Just means I can't zoom more which is a shame on 4K but sorted it 😃
  2. Hey guys. I'm starting as a streamer and video maker for gaming and thought I'd make OpenRCT2 my first playthrough as I've always loved the RollerCoaster Tycoon series and really love what you guys are doing here. My first video is here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcLWXUgBszc I'll keep my eye out on the features list and try and discuss new features as and when they are released and if anyone has any requests for the videos or suggestions then please let me know. If OpenRCT2 developers want me to discuss anything in the videos too I'd be happy to do that.
  3. Obviously just a bug then. Which means it will get fixed pretty quickly with this project I imagine so I'll just wait. EDIT: Found that it also crashes on loading saves at the moment too so probably nothing to do with my park individually. Tried loading Lightning Peaks the RCT1 scenario earlier but that crashed too.
  4. At the moment it's a blank file and I'm going to build the scenario up from scratch probably in sandbox mode. But it's not working whatever I do at the moment with inventions and stuff. Chessington World of Adventures.sc6
  5. I have found that in the last few days whenever I have tried to create a custom scenario no matter whether I put custom scenery in it or not, it always crashes when I save that scenario and then try to load it from the main screen. Was wondering if anyone else had had this problem? My apologies if I've missed this somewhere, I searched for it in known errors.
  6. Yep got it. Trimmed down the music I wanted in to fit by a bit of mixing, hopefully eventually this can be bypassed.
  7. I did this and it only played the first few seconds of the track I inserted and then started again. EDIT - I replaced CSS3.dat (Dodgems Beat Style) with a new music file and this is what happened. Does this perhaps have anything to do with the fact that those are 8-bit?
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