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Hee guys, (sorry for typos english isn't my native language)sorry i've some of these ideas where already brought up. I came up with the following:Awards:In RCT2 you could win awards for being the best in this or that. Though its a cool feature it didn't really gave you anything. besides more or less peeps. Let's say you win the award for safest park in the country. Would it be cool to earn a discount on new mechanics or earn a free month of wages. At least something that will benefit you. For every award you get you can think of something unique to give. This could add a lot of fun to the game.Fanatic groups of peeps:In real life there are people that travel around the world in groups to find the most badass rollercoasters to ride in them. Now I thought that mayby it would be cool if you constructed a rollercoaster with a excitement rating over a 9 or so that a group of people would enter your park (all dressed the same!) and go straight for your badass rollercoaster. You can implement this same principle for all sorts of attractions. like go karts or ride in a car. Mountain tool:In one of the rtc1 additions there where some mountain tool options that where not included in rct2 because rct2 had the options of building scenery. But if I remember it correctly you could give the side of a hill the colour yellow and red and these also changed the apperance of an attraction going in the side of a mountian. They where round instead of square. Could you guys bring this back?Eye dropper:For example: you brought down a piece of land, now scenery on top of it gets deleted. (This has to disapear btw) it is very annoying to search for one or two scenery objects to replace it. An eye drop option would make this much, much easier and would speed up a building process in general.Handyman:Handymans could use some updates as well. How they orientate their selves around paths and towards litter. Besides that they should be able to fix vandelism. I know you guys already have some cheats to help this, but i mean actually seeing a handyman fix a bench. I can also remember a feature that chis saywer had in the original plans for rtc. And that was a handyman taking a lunch break. There's a change there might be something left in de game that shows this. How cool would it be to add this.Tour guide:An additional employee that walks around and accumulates peeps that will bring a buch of people from one place to another and in the mean time stops and pretends it is giving some information. This will bring the happiness up. This could also be implemented as an attraction maybe.Mobile salesman.An additional employee that walks around and sells for example balloons, souvenirs or icecream.Medic:An additional employee. There are benches and emergency posts for peeps to go to. To lower there nausia. But they will only do so when there nausia has reached a certain point. These workers will reduce lets say 20-25% percent of nausia when he/she is helping a peep. They help peeps that have a nausia rating higher than 10%.Original peep codes:Some cheat codes that where put in the game made some of the guests do some unique stuff. Like taking photographs and making paintings. There might be some cool ways to implement these features in the game without having them to activate threw cheat codes. The michael schumacher cheat code that let a person to drive really fast would be al cool option to use for a fanatic group of peeps when you have build a go karts attraction that has a high excitement rating. The amazing earl:This guy had made alot of mods for rollercoaster tycoon 2. All of his creations look like they where made by chris saywer. The blend in perfectly. These could be used to expand the options of attractions. Here's a link: http://rct.wikia.com/wiki/The_Amazing_Earl Peeps:I would like to see that peeps would enjoy the scenery more than they did originaly. By not alone giving them a bigger variety in thoughts about this. But also incorporate a game mechanic that lets a peep be picky in wich attraction he wants to go in based on the scenery that ride has to offer. There are no graphics for girls or for other races in the game. I dont know if you guys are planning to improve rtc up to that extant. but it would be awesome! If some of the peeps would prefer to walk in groups or lets say with there family that would be cool. A bigger variety in appearance. Like peeps having backpacks, already whearing glasses or applauding when there's a new ride available (only peeps that are close to the new ride)Random events:Planes flying over, personal messages from peeps that you follow, having peeps ask for the completion of a particular ride. fulfilling this need will boost some stats, accidents that can happen during rides that lowers happines, peeps finding money, peeps finding items raises their happines, peeps finding their solmates and stay together. 20% higher chance of this happening on the swans ride ( oehw,, romantic)peeps sharing money or giving stuff, peeps saying funny stuff like: I think I left my oven on, at home. peeps that steal stuff which a guard can prevent, more wild life (fish, birds), peeps that request you to plant them somewhere else. A peep on drugs haha doing crazy stuff.And many more you name it. All of this wil help to create a more dynamic wolrd.Click and drag:Tired of single clicking every fench? Click and drag scenery! Sideways in al directions vertical and elivated (in combination with ctrl)Achievements:All these achievements can be completed in the campaign or in a continuous park. They can only be completed one time. click on a duckpop a balloondrown a peepa crashed coasterbuild your first attractionbuild your first rollercoasterhave a peep enter an attraction for the 10th timehave an excitement/intensity/nausia rating above 5, 10 and so on..build 10, 20, 30 attractionsmore than 5 rollercoastersmore than 10, 20, 30 staffmembersplaced an amount of ground/waterI could go on forever on this.. New attractions:I know this would be alot of work to do properly but here's a list of attraction I thought off.Indoor sky diveHeli ride (actualy flyes around the park)Plane ride (also really flyes, They could take off at the same airport)Parachut drop with landing spot (on ground or on roofs)Ferry ridebus thats able to drive across footpaths.Shooting stallWater walkers (these big floating balls where you can climb into)Game cornerCasinoAnother type of cinemaOpen theaterSlingshotA play ground (with al kinds of different playground equipment, expandable)minature railway with multiple platformsparaglidingmazes with additional objects like a watch towerSince there is a day and night cycle. Maybe it would be cool to add hotels and/or camping sites which alot of themeparks have. and restaurants. And additional things like fireworks, lighting, things to add on waiting lines (To ease the waiting), music boxes, custom music, additional scenery that benefits the experience of rides and coasters, a crossing point for footpaths and trains and so, having a clear and separete option to play a continuous game, I can think of way more but I am done for it for now. Let me know if you guys think if there's some usefull stuff in this all. I've been busy on this for a whill now. I've one of you thought about something more let it be know in the comments.Greets,Hytacker.

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