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Looking for BTTF Park

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I'm looking for a park with BTTF (Back to the Future) theme, i remember the big ride that went 88 MPH (which is the speed of the Delorean in the movies)! Does anyone still have the park somewhere!


If not, it's okay!

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I think i found it it was founded on rct space here's the link to the site Back to the Future - Forums (rctspace.com) and there's a youtube video of it made from years ago! Also I been looking for some quite a good of old rct2 parks as well from RCTTOWN THEME PARK REVIEW GAME EXCHANGE AND COASTERNET!

Parks are Glenwood Park modernized, Pelican Bay, Six Flags Great Thrills, Six Flags TTD2 if you seen my post or not and if you have any of those old rct2 parks i mentioned!


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