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Looking for some old rct2 parks!

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Hello openrct2!

I thought I would come by and look for some old rct2 parks that I seen long ago that were from rcttown and theme park review game exchange and thought I could ask if anybody has any of these! I found only one rcttown park on nedesigns which was Six Flags Adventure Island and then nothing else no luck!

So from theme park review game exchange two parks I'm looking for is Glenwood Park by Rocketman1219 a classic and modern amusement park and Pelican Bay by Cyrbuzz a seaside park with a stadium that I both loved very much!


And from rcttown I'm looking for two Six Flags parks! One is Six Flags Great Thrills with six flags named rides and the other is Six Flags TTD2 with a lot of coasters everywhere as both were awesome as heaven can't think of or remember who made them!


1.Glenwood Park (modernized)

2.Pelican Bay

3.Six Flags Great Thrills

4.Six Flags TTD2


If anybody has these parks if you don't mind can you somehow send them to me upload them on here so that I can see them again and have them?

If not I understand thanks so much!

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