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Hello and Introduction

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Hey! My name is Dylan and I was randomly through a YouTube video introduced to OpenRCT2 and the forum here. I grew up playing RCT1 on Real Arcade Player and then evolved to RCT2 when I could scrounge up the money as a pre-teen to play and fell in love with the series for its simple graphics and smooth performance. I did help moderate the RCT1 & 2 forums (was known as ActionBallMan) before they were shut down(?). While I did enjoy RCT3 moderately, the 3D nature and bugs that I encountered at the time really solidify my lifelong love of the first two games in the series.

Whenever I am not building theme parks, I do enjoy an occasional hike, discovering new music, church involvement, and being happily married. Looking forward to meeting people and continue fueling the passion here in the community!

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