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RCT 1 & 2 ... long ago & not that far away ...

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Hello everyone 

I'm been playing the games pretty much from day 1 when I saw the CD rom at my local computer games store way back when

The main reason I joined here is that I "had" a save game file that RCT 1 could no longer read, due to the fact I had altered it with Swiss Army Knife trainer to play around with it a bit, flatten land & so forth & so on.

So I was feeling the itch to play my RCT 1  save file under win 10, after much headaches, I got RCT 1 working under Win 10, but got a 'Invalid data, unable to read file' message what fun, not

So I then installed RCT 2, to see if I could open it in that, same deal, so I then wondered, hey I got ORTC2 try that, well it opened the file in question but it looked off, missing textures, wrong paths, and so on.

A few days passed, and you guys updated ORCT2 to read the old RCT1 save files 😉

Needless to say  thanks for all the hard work I not only was able to load the old data, it looked just like it did after I altered it, correct textures, right paths, yea it used money cheats as well so I could plop down rides & shops on top of making it flat of course.

Basically I converted the old save file into an ORCT2 file, added some of the new features, ATM's so guests will stay in park longer, hired more staff to clean paths, entertainers, security as well, park can take in more guests now too thanks to the update.

Coming Soon ... Pics of the park in question ... Downloads ... Might as well make use of my google drive for this


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