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New Parks!


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We've got a custom scenario & a finished park (i failed finishing Adrenaline Heights, but the park looks good)



There are screenshots! the giant screenshots are the parks of how they look like!


If you got an error of a missing data of my Karen Canyon, download the .DAT file!


Wanna download the parks? Download the .park files!

Wanna download the rides for own use? Download the .TD6 file!

Adrenaline Heights 2022-07-06 16-30-26.png


Karen Canyon 2022-07-06 15-17-58.png


Houten achtbaan 1.td6 Mijntreinachtbaan 1.td6 Adrenaline Heights Failed.park Karen Canyon.park Karen Canyon.park CABNRCLD.DAT

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