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Rct Steam GOG and OpenRCT2

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Hello everyone! How are you all doing hope you are all doing okay staying safe strong blessed and all!

So this is my very first time here I have been wondering about some things lately as I'm been going through life things and all!


I have a few things to wonder and ask about!


So I have a laptop with a CD player in it which is getting worked on and told that people moved away from CD players in computers and newer laptops don't have CD players in unless I want to install one in it!


So about roller coaster tycoon 1 2 and 3 (which I sometimes like) from steam and good old games! When you first purchase them can you use any payment card a gift card! Also the parks from rct1 and 2 you built on CD saved onto flash drives can you open your previous parks in rct2 steam or gog?

Or download both rct1&2 steam/gog and openrct2?


Thanks and God bless!

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