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One of the first Video Games I've developed (am developing?)

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Howdy all! I started programming last year and started learning Unity in January. I started making this game for my Unity midterm and I'm really happy with it and I'd love to see if you guys like it as well. Also sorry for not being active on here for a hot minute.

This is a co-op puzzle game where you have to stop a spaceship from crashing into the sun. Problem is, you don't know how to operate the spaceship's control panel. Luckily(?), you have been provided with a manual to assist you.

If you do play it, I STRONGLY urge you to play together with a friend and to print out the manual instead just reading it as a PDF.


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Your co-op puzzle game sounds really interesting, especially since it involves stopping a spaceship from crashing into the sun - talk about high stakes! The fact that you've provided a manual for players to use is a nice touch too, and I can imagine that it would make for a fun experience to play with a friend. Thanks for sharing the link to your game, I'll definitely check it out! By the way, have you checked out the article on https://joywallet.com/article/blackout-bingo-review/ about Blackout Bingo? It's a fun game that's perfect for playing with friends, so you might enjoy it too. Keep up the great work on your game development journey!

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