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Zaiks McKravens Vanilla Ride Selection

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Hello and welcome to my post.

Here I have a little selection of rides I use in vanilla game, without using tile inspector or other "cheats".
There rides are all possible with the basic scenery objects, like walls, trees, flowers, bushes and fences. These attractions work in basicly every ingame scenario and can be a nice start to a park.


My first post is a rollercoaster called "Thunder mountain", wich is placed on flat ground and recreates a "mountain" with basic elements.

It has decend stats and a price of 17K. So it's not cheap, but definitely an eyecatcher.



Thunder Mountain.td6

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This is a haunted mansion, called "baledhead mansion". Don't ask me why.

It is a regular haunted mansion, but on a hilltop. It also includes space for a toilet and a little shop of any sort.
Another speciality is that the main road leads through the structure, making it a bit more usefull as central part of a horror or mountain theme.

Baledhead mansion.td6

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Here we have a horserace coaster with 2 stations. the simple named "Horserace" or in german Pferderennen.

This design is once again a mobious coaster wich requires to launch 5 cars of the 11 first and then to activate thy synch option. This will for some reason launch a sixth car on the track but then it works fine.

thanks to the 2 stations it gets quite good stats and a nice throughput. Also it is very synchonized during the track.
You will also need to dig a tunnel for the second station.



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