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Hello everyone!

Checking in here for the first time since installing oRCT last week. It's nice being back in the RCT world after a good decade and a half.. maybe more... without having it installed on a machine.

I've observed in this short time that my attitude towards gameplay has changed quite a bit since I last played it as a ~12 year old. As a child, I was usually less drawn towards actually accomplishing the objectives of the scenarios, but rather let my imagination run with building all sorts of custom rides......usually rudely interrupted by the cash/loan limit somewhere towards the beginning of my second coaster (usually Wooden, as I'd probably start with a junior coaster) 😅.
I now try as best as I can to try accomplishing the objectives in the scenarios, paying little mind to attention to detail in my rides and mostly just using the templates.

While tinkering with the game tools in oRCT, I created a map, and some rides that ended up looking kinda ok... think I'll share them here and see if anyone likes them.

Hope everyone is doing well, especially with all that goes on in the world.


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