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Wooden Coaster Challenge

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I've got a build challenge for you guys. Partially, because I can't seem to top my own entry. And I wanna know how to improve my own entry.

Create a wooden rollercoaster with the following prerequisits: 

  1. An E-rating of at least 10
  2. Of course, an I-rating of less than 10
  3. An ride time of no more than 2m10
  4. At least 12 drops
  5. 2 interlocking loops
  6. At least 10s of air time
  7. And finally: A design smaller than 31x18.
  8. (Optional) When running a block-sectioned circuit: The block brakes should be blocking trains as short as possible or not. 



This is my entry: Mischief. My entry fails to meet bulletpoint 3 and 8: It's too long. The brakes leading up to the station are placed a bit earlier than intended, to bring the avg speed down and subsequently bring down the I-rating to below 10. Also: The block brakes are blocking trains too long in my opinion. 

Mischief is of course a reference to the pre-built Mischief Wooden Rollercoaster from RCT1.  This is of course not intended to be a recreation of the RCT1 coaster.


Let's see your entry's. And/or let's hear your tips on how to improve my Mischief.

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