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Very exciting rides add more to the guest cap; various other suggestions; overbanked turns


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This is sort of a catch-all post for various ideas. First, for overbanked/90 degree banked turns, I am not suggesting adding them at this point or anytime soon. They would be decent thing to add, but that's waaay down the priority list. Instead, this is a suggestion as to what the best way to go about adding them would be, someday far in the future. While RCT3 had selectable curve bank, that would be completely impractical in this game. Probably the best way to go about it would be to treat them similar to inversions using the special track pieces drop-down. Four track pieces would suffice; a banked to overbank or 90 degree bank pieces left and right (depending on coaster, it would have either one or the other, not both), and an overbanked turn medium radius left and right. Only maybe 3-6 coaster types would have them added, either an overbank or a 90 degree bank for a specific coaster, not both.

Who knows, maybe someday those will be in the game.

Another low-priority suggestion, which could very well be decided not to add - male/female peep differences would be effectively invisible in the game, only a few pixels, so there's no point. That said, differing peep hair color would be achievable, using it as a remappable color, and actually noticeable. It would certainly add some somewhat needed variety to a loaded coaster train, as well as for some coaster types/colors making it easier to tell if a car is loaded at all. Suggested colors are black, brown, blonde, red, and maybe light and dark brown. Frequency of each would of course have be different, with red having to be less frequent than the others and brown (or all browns together) being the most frequent. What's an open question is whether this should be done. This is another "at the bottom of the to-do list" suggestion, assuming it should even be implemented at all. It would certainly change the look of the game slightly, and perhaps/probably should be an optional feature. This suggestion is definitely more of a "throwing an idea out there of something that actually could be done on the topic" than a "this should really be done." 


Suggestions to actually implement soon that are far easier:

-Handymen set to only water gardens will leave the footpaths to water gardens; those with extensive flower beds not next to footpaths, often for boosting a coasters excitement rating, find this a source of endless annoyance, having to spend several minutes manually placing handymen every now and than or else waiting for rain. Trust me, it's annoying, and would as far as I know be a quick and simple improvement.


-Very long/very exciting coasters add more to the soft guest cap as, probably as a tickbox in scenario options. Currently with harder guest generation selected, coasters over 6 excitement and over 600 meters long add their addition to soft guest cap twice again, while without it it doesn't matter how small or boring a coaster is. Perhaps coasters over certain (high) length and excitement thresholds should add more than their usual bonus to the soft guest cap. Example length thresholds would be 5000, 6000 and 7000 feet; example excitement thresholds would be 8, 9 and 10. How much of a bonus is actually a good question. This option would also reward players who build a modest number of pretty large and very high excitement coasters.


-More difficult - An operating mode for transport rides to reverse the running direction (and the trains themselves). Occasionally you want to have a transport circuit run in the opposite direction as built as your park grows to funnel guests the other way, and even with no money it's a pain to rebuild the entire track circuit identical but going in the other direction.

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