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Freeze guest traits

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Trying to run some tests on the new save format and I'm loving it overall!

Is it possible to add a "freeze guest ____ [trait]" to the cheats just as the "freeze park value" that is already available?  I think this will be a big advantage in feasibly being able to take advantage of the new guest limits.  For example, without being able to freeze guest happiness, I'm not sure how one will naturally be able to attract more than 8k guests (much less 20k+), even though the limits will allow it.

Additionally, is it possible to add a "set park entrance fee" cheat?  I've mentioned this before, but with a $200 maximum park entry fee, those that wish to play the economic game using park entrance fees will need to set the park entry fee in excess of $650.

Both of these cheats were available in the Son Of Beast Trainer back in the day, and were very useful.

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