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Water ride screams

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Here's another reason why I prefer Roller Coaster Tycoon 1 over the sequel: In the original game when it came to water rides the guests used the usual roller coaster drop sounds for drops on log flumes and the river ride. However, in the sequel, for some insane reason the devs thought it a good idea to use one of the screams from the Haunted House (which doesn't play that often, thankfully) and make it a grand total of one of two drop screams, the other being only one of the returning types for roller coasters. As a result, you'll be hearing this scream a LOT if you watch that water ride.

Given that the first game never had this problem, I'd really love it if OpenRCT2 reverted the scream library back to the way it was in the first game, with variety and less screeching.

(Also if said scream wasn't used for crashing roller coasters that would be great too, although in this case I can see why it was used in the first place)

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