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  1. Believe me, I enabled that cheat, but when I set a price tag for my park entrance and then set up my usual price tags for my rides, my guests would absolutely refuse to ride any of the flat rides because "I'm not paying that much to go on [Ride name]", even though I could easily get away with charging for at least $1 for the less thrilling flat rides for the first several months of the ride's opening in the first game. The roller coasters with their higher stats could be charged more fairly as usual. As someone who doesn't have much modding experience for this game, I'd love to see thorough instructions to achieve this.
  2. You're missing the point. I'm hoping for a means of being able to charge for both all rides and park entry like in RCT1, and hope the devs make this change if one goes for that.
  3. I'd like to see separate algorithms for roller coasters and flat rides, to allow me to get at least some profit off of them (and to prevent timid guests from staying in my park indefinitely). Roller Coaster Tycoon 1 did it the best way in my experience. I don't mind not charging obscene fees for roller coasters if I can get a guaranteed income from park entry fees also.
  4. Here's another reason why I prefer Roller Coaster Tycoon 1 over the sequel: In the original game when it came to water rides the guests used the usual roller coaster drop sounds for drops on log flumes and the river ride. However, in the sequel, for some insane reason the devs thought it a good idea to use one of the screams from the Haunted House (which doesn't play that often, thankfully) and make it a grand total of one of two drop screams, the other being only one of the returning types for roller coasters. As a result, you'll be hearing this scream a LOT if you watch that water ride. Given that the first game never had this problem, I'd really love it if OpenRCT2 reverted the scream library back to the way it was in the first game, with variety and less screeching. (Also if said scream wasn't used for crashing roller coasters that would be great too, although in this case I can see why it was used in the first place)
  5. The math for how much a guest pays is all out of wack in RCT2's example compared to the first game. There, I was able to charge a dollar or a dollar fifty for most flat rides in addition to charging for a park entrance fee, at least if the ride's under 8 months old. Here, you basically can't charge anything for those rides. I'd love to see this cheat be adjusted to cater towards this system, because I thoroughly enjoyed having a guaranteed income for all guests who enter, yet be able to profit off of rides as well.
  6. I should elaborate: In Roller Coaster Tycoon 1 I could get away with charging around $1 for gentle rides, and $1.50 for thrill rides for the first 8 months those rides are built (and after that, I just replace them to start the cycle all over). With the math involved for RCT2's expectations, you can't really do that anymore. Is there a way to at least change the guest rates to be consistent with the first game? Otherwise nobody will ride those flat rides if I charge an entrance fee, and can only charge for roller coasters.
  7. Indeed. With Pay for Entrance, you're guaranteed to get income from every guest who enters your park. Not so much with Pay for Ride, which while you can get rides to make their due, you don't always get income from every guest, because they're so stupid that they'll leave within minutes of entering your park without riding anything. RCT1 had the best of both worlds, in which you can charge for both. Even with the OpenRCT2 cheat that allows this, guests will REFUSE to pay up for rides if you dare charge any fee for entering the park!
  8. One thing that really angered me about Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 was the fact that you could not charge for rides and the park entrance fee, as not being able to charge for the park entrance meant that you always had guests who would enter your park and then leave without paying a cent, while not being able to charge for rides meant that your guests would never leave after paying that flat fee, and all rides would have negative income. So when I found out that Open RCT2 had the cheat option to change it back to RCT1's design where you could charge for both, I was excited. Sadly, when I actually tried this, my guests would refuse to ride on my rides because apparently if you dare to charge for your park entrance, they will refuse to go on the rides that aren't free. Is there a way to change the mentality of the guests so that they'll be willing to fork over more money for both the park and the rides like in the first game? If not, I really hope this becomes an option in the future.
  9. That's what I did the first time, and it was blank. Or rather, if by "restart" you meant "exit the game and start it up again".
  10. Well, I found out that option and followed your instructions. But the RCT scenarios page is blank. For context, the folder I have for my steam version of Roller Coaster Tycoon 1 deluxe is "RCTdeluxe_install". inside the RollerCoaster Tycoon Deluxe directory. Not sure if this detail is significant.
  11. Very much the thing I hated most about RCT2 (and in hindsight, Loopy Landscapes). There are always guests who don't pay a cent when they want to leave, because they are too stupid to find any rides to go on. I hate those.
  12. So I hear that having RCT1 save data allows you to import the scenarios and assets into OpenRCT2. I have an old retail copy of RCT2 and bought RCT1 Deluxe on Steam, so the data is in two completely separate places. I'd like to play the RCT1 scenarios in OpenRCT2 to have the benefits of RCT2's building mechanics (particularly Loopy Landscapes), and I hear that OpenRCT2 has a cheat that allows one to charge both entry and ride fees (seriously, that's one of the big things that hurts RCT2 immensely as well as Loopy Landscapes; can't stand guests who don't pay a cent when they enter my park). So how do I go about doing this?
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