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I accidentally "found" a new Game Mechanic (?) Micro Park


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I was building this Micro Park and made a little Mistake, so the Guest´s can´t get out of the Map. Out of this accident i made a "new" Mechanic. You have to get 850 Guest at October Year 3 but at some point the Game won´t spawn new ones, because behind the Park Entry it´s already overfilled with tired Guest! :D To reach the Goal, you (maybe) have to get the Guest´s out of the Map (so the game can spawn new ones and they will get through the entry), keep the Number of Guest´s stable until the End of October Year 3 and just simply do the right thing at the right time. 

This Scenario is very "Alpha" and i dont know if the Goal is challenging enough. Or maybe another goal is better? (monthly income) Additionally i have no clue about the right Rides, Prices etc. for this kind of challenge. I dropped everything in, but some little obstacles are already in there. Find it out by yourself, haha :D

If you wan´t to, you can tell me what i can do better and for sure you can feel free to do something with this by yourself. I don´t have the time for perpetual testing periodes. :(


All the best!


Ps: This Scenario was made with Open RCT 2 3.3, i dont know if this will work with Vanilla.

Edit: Here´s a Picture :) 1466581204_VerticalHeights2021-05-1811-44-25.thumb.png.fa5193b78e7b600015b5c5f9212d2d2f.png


Vertical Heights Alpha 1.0.sc6

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