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Advanced Features for the New Save Format


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So the new save format looks like it's going to do more than just increase limits. It's also going to add new customization options to existing park elements, such as paths with separate railing types, new station design options, and new land material options. So I do have a few ideas to take these concepts even further and truly unlock the creative potential of builders.

To replace the need for custom path types which are specifically designed to take up a full tile width, there should be a toggle box on the path window that would allow us to place full tile width versions of any path, vanilla or custom. The visual effect is already possible using the tile inspector, but that method causes big problems with guest pathing.

The other option would be to add a color picker to the terrain window. I know this is kind of a crazy idea, but the introduction of the RCT2 terrains and cliff types has really opened up a lot of possibilities for rapid building construction, using cliffs as walls and ground as the roof. However, we still need multiple terrain/cliff types for every color, making it fairly limited. Introducing color selection to the terrain would dramatically improve usability, and pave the way for new and incredible custom terrain/cliff types that can make great use of color.



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