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Iceberg Islands Remix


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After discovering that there was a sandbox mode, I've been having tons of fun redesigning maps and prettying up the outer areas of scenarios that looked bland in vanilla. Eventually, it led to me making an updated version of the Iceberg Islands scenario that features all of the ice/snow themed attractions and scenery that originally either wasn't included due to an oversight or simply didn't exist yet when the scenario originally shipped with the game.

I also, added some small quality of life changes in the form of new researches, the addition of one new island within the playable area , and some land for sale for terraforming all along the perimeter of the park (which also offer more islands).

Some notable changes include:

- decorative icebergs outside of the playable

- Antarctic Theme

- an arctic research base

- a small oil mining operation

- replaced the park entrance with the Ice Age one

- Removed parts of the elevation around the park entrance because it clipped through the elevation

- Added all the RCT2 expansion rides (Seal bobsleighs, polar bear coaster, Skidoo Dodgems, Killer Whale Submarines, etc)

- Added First Aid Room to the research

- Hot Chocolate and Cookies

- Replaced the vanilla Twist ride with the Snowman Teacup version

- Added most of the seaplane assets and rides because ocean. Originally, I was going to add a tiny airport near the guest entrance to make the bridge less...weird but, I decided against it. Maybe it connects to that other Antarctic map; who knows? :)

- Added chairs and trash bins because the map was devoid of them

- Added the log cabin prop set, the log cabin style Restroom, and the candy cane for Santa's workshop theming options

- Added Sunglasses kiosk because realistically, the UVs in the arctic combined with the cold would do wonders for your eyeballs

- Added submarine ride because I associate frigid waters with submarines

- Added Space theming because it fits the arctic research base aesthetic

- Added the fiery beacon, campfire, and all the other campfire-like props to misc. so you can pretend your guests are keeping warm 😄

The only issue I can think of is a bug relating to the prop theme research. When you load the scenario, all the themes I included will be unlocked but, you should be able to fix that by opening the Invention List, finding one of the themes listed in "Items to Invent" and clicking it (but not moving it anywhere). Aside from that, there aren't any problems with the scenario ^_^

I think you should still be able to beat the scenario and have it count towards the actual scenario completion progression so that's also a plus.


I'll probably post more of these reimagined scenarios at some point because there's a few that I wanted to refurbish (like Electric Fields and its barren outer areas and Amity Airfield featuring all the aircraft/jet assets introduced in the expansioned). Hope you guys enjoy this map ^_^

Iceberg Islands Remix.sv6

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