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Suggestion: allow putting/splitting Trains in between stations

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I have been playing RCT for 18 years now, and am loving the changes that OpenRCT2 makes. but while it adds a ton, there are still a lot of features that can be added to make it better. But I'm going to talk about one, the fact that the Trains only spawn on the initial station on two station Roller Coasters/Track rides. This ultimately makes making a ride like the Ugly Twisters Wooden Roller Coaster impossible to make yourself, as the trains only spawns on the initial station and not on the completely separate secondary track. I wanted to make a suggestion I thought of to fix it, a feature that will also allow rides like Raver Racers or Calamity Mine without Block Section support to crank out without the need to stop and start the ride to relocate them to the second station (which could take a while depending on the length of said ride).

I thought hard about what you could implement in order to relocate them to the other station: the first idea was a checkbox in the Train and Vehicle tab of a ride, if it met the requirements (having an entrance and an exit at each station instead of an exit at one, entrance at the other) where it will fit as many trains as possible up to matching the same number of trains at the initial station, or as many as the size of the station will allow. But I then had an idea where it will run a check for a second/third/so-on-and-so-forth suitable station, and it will add a second Vehicle and Train line up for those stations to the tab. This will allow the Tycoon to freely customize the amount of trains at each station.

I'd make more suggestions to try and help, but I'm out. Please, for the love of roller coasters; implement something like this, dueling coasters everywhere are begging you!

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