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Update website with clear and concise information

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A few suggestions from the perspective of someone who knows nothing about OpenRCT2 first time reading this website:

I really couldn't figure out the extent to how much OpenRCT2 changes RCT2. Basically I understood this: OpenRCT2 Fixes crashes, bugs, and has quality of life changes. But when I read "expanding the game with new features" I questioned if this was a new edition of the game with tons of balances changes? I couldn't answer that question reading the website.

The FAQ could have a few more elements in it. The home page shouldn't just describe what RCT2 is, it should describe what OpenRCT2 is.

It's extremely confusing that there are two websites (.org and .io) and I think only one discord for them. The openrct2.io layout for the quickstart page makes much more sense because you can see all the steps and it has screenshots so you can see what the options menu looks like.

Consider re-wording the following to work on your website, I eventually found it under the introduction of the Github repo. This describes really well what OpenRCT2 actually does and the extent it does it.


OpenRCT2 attempts to provide everything from RCT2 as well as many improvements and additional features, some of these include support for modern platforms, an improved interface, improved guest and staff AI, more editing tools, increased limits, and cooperative multiplayer. It also re-introduces mechanics from RollerCoaster Tycoon that were not present in RollerCoaster Tycoon 2. Some of those include; mountain tool in-game, the "have fun" objective, launched coasters (not passing-through the station) and several buttons on the toolbar.

The only thing this is missing is something like this: OpenRTC2 intends to keep the game accurate to the original. However, a minor gameplay change has been made to how minor rides stats age.
(the change I'm referring to is: "regarding ride age: 1.5* < 5 months and 1.2* < 13 months. For non-openRCT2 it says +30 <5  months and +10 < 13 months."



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