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Multiple Object Copy+Paste Feature


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For this multiple object copy+paste, there are two approaches that could be taken;

1) To select multiple objects from a single tile via tile inspector, copy them, and paste them in another tile with the same state and order. Minor memory allocation; limit the number of objects you can copy+paste to 10 - should have an option in the cheat window of whether or not to permit the use of these (specifically).
2) To create a client-sided "custom object" feature in which you could select multiple objects from a single tile, staying in the same order, and adding that collection of objects to the "decorate" tab under a separate theme, "custom objects". This new "custom object" can be added at any point in any place; whether or not they can be used in multiplayer servers is a tricky subject as it can be used to grief very easily and might very well create server lag... So I propose a setting in the cheat menu in which admins can choose whether or not to permit the use of custom objects on the given server. As for the memory allocation required for such a system, I suggest limiting the number of objects in a custom object to 10 or 20 (depending how unstable it is) as well as a limited number of custom objects that can be saved, also limited to 10 (I don't think it's necessary to raise but that's up to the devs' discretion.

I'm sure this sort of concept has come up already or has already been discussed by the devs, so apologies if I was supposed to post this somewhere else (it's my first post ;) )

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