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How deep does the new save format go?

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So I'm big into creating custom content, particularly animated objects.  But anyone who has created custom animated objects knows that you are limited in a number of ways.  On top of all the amazing limits that will be lifted once the new save format is eventually released, will / is it even possible, to lift these limits?
1) Will we be able to create custom animated large scenery objects?
2) Will be still be limited to 32+1 (0 is counted) frames?
3) Will we still be limited to 128 scenes?
4) Will the new JSON allow for us to design animated scenery to looks significantly more realistic rather than scenery that looks like a flip book (not saying that flip book-type animated scenery looks bad, but it's obviously not like watching a smooth flowing animated object).  This last question might be misplaced, I'm still fairly ignorant on what exactly JSON does for Open RCT2, so my question may be a complete non-sequitur.

I've posted a picture of what I consider a frame vs a scene to alleviate confusion.

Thanks guys!


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