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Problems with placing custom rides

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I've got some issues with custom rides. After creating one and saving it, it won't let me place the custom ride in any of my parks. This is irrespective of whether it has scenery or not, or turning scenery on or off when it does include some scenery. It also seems totally random because it's not for all rides I create. Furthermore, since this happened, other previous custom rides either self-made or downloaded get the same problem. I think about 10 rides have this issue.

I get no previews when trying to build these rides. Saving them again and replacing the original file does not work, neither does creating a new file.

When trying to build them I get randomly (1) no error message, (2) "can't construct this here no more stations allowed on this ride" (3) "can't construct this here... in the way" or (4) "can't construct this here".

I've provided two rides with these issues.

Any ideas what could have caused this and how to fix it?

Many thanks!



Edit: screenshots of previews not showing https://imgur.com/a/Qp3AEYi

wulfke Great Forest Ring.td6 wulfke_Interlock Madness.td6

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