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Bash Script Restart Server from last autosave

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Trying to setup a dedicated server on Ubuntu Server.. In the middle of that now but I wonder if someone could share a bash script to restart the server on crash from last autosave?

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Object conflict: '/usr/share/openrct2/object/rct2/ride/rct2.icecr1.json'
               : '/usr/share/openrct2/object/rct2/ride/rct2.icecr1.parkobj'
1 object conflicts found.
ERROR[/build/openrct2-bln5zB/openrct2-0.2.4-develop-0~842-202001221805/src/openrct2/network/Socket.cpp:260 (Listen)]: IPV6_V6ONLY failed. 92
Ready for clients...
WARNING[/build/openrct2-bln5zB/openrct2-0.2.4-develop-0~842-202001221805/src/openrct2/network/Socket.cpp:745 (CreateSocket)]: IPV6_V6ONLY failed. 92

That conflict appeared after a couple of restarts..
I don't support ipv6 atm (but i guess it can be ignored)


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[twitch] api_url

is not clear for me in the config.ini

Do we need to get something from Twitch to make this functional and how does it work?

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For auto-restarting itself you could use systemd (the systemctl command). I'm not sure how to load a previous autosave.

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