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Big Pier - Challenging or Expert?

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Hi all,

So I've begun an attempt to legitimately complete all scenarios in no specific order, and my most recent effort was the infamous Big Pier.

"To have at least 1,200 guests in your pack at the end of October, Year 2, with a park rating of at least 600."

The furthest I've managed to get was 387 guests by the 21st of May, Year 2, and at the rate I'm gaining them there's no possible way I can get 1,200.

I'll provide screenshots of the park below, which is amateur compared to most other builders I've seen, but I want to ask: Is the park goal supposed to be 1,200? In the pre-OpenRCT2, Big/Paradise Pier only required 600 guests by the end of Year 2, not 1,200. The only scenario to have this goal is "Paradise Pier 2", which isn't in OpenRCT2.

So either I'm doing something horribly wrong or the scenario objectives are not optimized properly for the park design. There's only so much I can do here and building over water gets expensive rather quickly, and with a loan of only $20,000 I find myself not being able to do anything for weeks at a time whilst waiting for income.

Trinity Islands I also had similar issues with, but with a few flukes I was able to scrape together the objective after three attempts. (1,250 guests by end of Year 3, as opposed to 750 - but far more achievable due to park size & layout etc.)

Could someone enlighten me here? Thanks a bunch! 😁❤️



Desktop Screenshot 2020.01.08 -

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Hi, the objective in this scenario is having 600 guest, i don't know why your goal have changed.

On the other hand, reach 1200 guest in two years is not difficult. Just make the park free to enter and charge 5 or more the roller coasters, and then just spam ad campaigns.

Hope this help you, and sorry if something is misunderstood, English is not my native language.

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ya I also think the objective in this scenario is having 600 guest.

And it's weird as you already have 3 roller coasters, 2 gentle rides and 4 stalls. They should bring you more guests than 388. You can check out guides from youtubers like MarcelVos or Deurklink   about the number of guest  that each ride brings. 

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