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Ride/attraction list and scenery list (vanilla)

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This has a useful list of all the attractions (and some from the newer games which custom content creators may wish to make or simulate as ride scenery for ORCT) as well as the scenery.


It's also useful for considering if you wish to get the expansions for your rct1 [* may not need see below] and 2 to use them in ORCT - Note: RCT Classic is good and I enjoy it as yet another way to play (I'm a bit of an old skool RCT addict!) but I'm not sure if it works for ORCT, plus it lacks Blackpool and Alton Towers, but it has a few improvements so I'm still glad I got it- I play all four versions (RCT 1 and 2 vanilla, RCT Classic and ORCT), you may need vanilla versions for ORCT- it probably tells you somewhere  in the info for ORCT.


I do use quite a bit of expansion content when making scenarios as it avoids having the same old rides and scenery in every park and adds a few decent scenery options (it's not all good :) ) so it is worth having the expansion packs so you can run any custom parks players have made that use them ( Wacky Worlds and Time Twister ) - [*] not sure if you need the RCT 1 expansions if anybody uses items from those or if they all appeared in 2 anyway. I think they did, a couple with bugs from 1 fixed. Don't think there's anything that is only in RCT1. So in theory the three RCT2 vanilla games - core plus two expansions - should cover you for every eventuality.


If creators have saved their games correctly any other custom content used should save and load with the game file they've made.


In-game scenery sizes are sometimes a bit mismatched but I never feel this is too much of an issue for ride theming- it's sometimes a little annoying for landscape design (where you want it to look real)- maybe somebody clever could formulate some sort of scaling guide for CS design so things people design don't have this issue (I can't design CS but it may help those that can and do!), could also be a useful consideration for the new code project.





Scenery (group links to list of items in group)



News :) : I'm working on two parks I hope to share later this year as scenarios- Scorpion Island (using Spiffy Jack's scorpion terrain which is awesome) and a wintery one.

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