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Hello 👋

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Hi all just not long downloaded open rct2 after picking up rct2 again, couldn't believe the added features makes the game that bit better, absolutely love this game as a kid so now as an adult hopefully I can expand more, I am pretty novice so looking forward to seeing builds and helping if I can haha 

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Hi @Mk3spooner - welcome!

I just joined as well. Much the same story - Played it when I was younger for a ludicrous amount of hours and it just keeps coming to the forefront of my mind when it comes to games with great re-playability. I have a windows machine but I've also installed OpenRCT2 on my Macbook, and it's absolutely wild playing it! Can't believe I hadn't seen this project earlier.

Here's to many more hours of coasters and pukers 🤢

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