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Open RCT2 can’t find tracks/saved games etc from RCT2

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Late reply but unless you've accidentally overwritten them they should still be there- you just need to look for them in the folder view and navigate to the folder they're in which will be different depending on how you set up your vanilla (original) RCT folders- and of course where you chose to save your games. Open RCT has its own folders for custom content and saves. Your vanilla RCT does too, as well as any you created.


The exception is if your RCT2 saves are the recent re-release/ minor updates 'Classic' version- I think this changed several of the file formats thus doesn't save things in the same way as vanilla versions as well as being a bit of a pain to access save files etc- I think but I'm not sure you need to export them from the game to use them outside of 'Classic', it has an annoying save setup where you don't choose a folder to save to, not sure I even figured out where it saves to (Classic has some good points and a nice final park if you complete all the other scenarios but it's not that great- you have to email parks to share them outside the game, yes, it really is that badly implemented, just like RCT World it derailed somewhat, I've kind of given up on it although I would like to play that final park)


If you want to share anything it's way smarter to make it in vanilla or orct, and orct is of course the most flexible. If you are trying to share something from classic here's the info and good luck ;)



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