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Crash on loading any savegame

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Hi. I just downloaded this today and i played through the first park Crazy Castle. As soon as i hit reached the objective of the map the game crashed. I tried loading manual and autosaves and everytime the game crashes instantly. I tried opening a brand new map, made a save and tried loading it and the same thing occured. So it seems i cant load any savegame file. I tried on both the developer version and the official release.

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I also get crashes after loading saves made by any version from v0.2.3-cd4eb86 onwards. v0.2.3-16a2046 is the last version where save files do not crash. In later versions such as v0.2.3-df4e412, all the rides are missing when loading a save, and the game will crash only when it's unpaused (one exception being empty parks without active rides, which don't crash).

I believe the reason you're crashing with the stable release is because you're trying to load save files made using later versions. It is still stable when loading its own save files.

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