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Finding files for park

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Hey guys!

I have a park that I've been working on, but after being dumb and not saving my files before upgrading my computer, the custom scenery/rides weren't fully transferred over. I used the 'Download all' feature the game now has, but it doesn't load these last three files. I've spent upwards of 4 hours trying to track down these files so I can load up my park again. I'm hoping that one of you fine people of the rct2 community has these files or can lead me to the downloads. 

I only need 3 downloads, they are:

BJUMP custom rides/attractions

LOTRMTP1 custom footpaths

FDFWALLS custom scenery groups

Anyone who can help me get this park back would be a lifesaver for me! I haven't been able to work on this park for months.


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