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  1. Hey guys! I have a park that I've been working on, but after being dumb and not saving my files before upgrading my computer, the custom scenery/rides weren't fully transferred over. I used the 'Download all' feature the game now has, but it doesn't load these last three files. I've spent upwards of 4 hours trying to track down these files so I can load up my park again. I'm hoping that one of you fine people of the rct2 community has these files or can lead me to the downloads. I only need 3 downloads, they are: BJUMP custom rides/attractions LOTRMTP1 custom footpaths
  2. Hi all, I've been having some trouble with a park of mine with custom scenery. I have been working on this park on and off for several years, but when I was forced to wipe my computer, I saved the park file but not the scenery files. This has caused the park to not load the custom scenery in it, and I'm having trouble finding the right items of scenery and putting them in the correct folder. The game displays this window. If anyone has a way of finding the correct scenery or knows which packs to download, it would make my day Thanks!
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