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Venture Realism

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Welcome! Advertising here because I could use some builders! Ingame, my name is Skylander Katfish, but you can call me SK. Anyways, my name is not important, but more the server is.

The purpose of my server is to let anybody build. We do scenarios sometimes, and we do projects most of the time. There's critism during the project parts but I am not harsh, and I ask nicely if I can edit that to make it look better or if it can be deleted. I don't ban anyone for that silly reason. I don't like making players upset but that's a fact with most other realism servers.

Now, Discord is completely optional. It's advertised when you first enter my server. Now my discord is a weird situation and there's alot of B.S. on it right now, but we talk about several things like Openrct2, Cars, Mario Hacking, etc...

Now there's levels in my Server. 3 to the exact (excluding admin) and each level is earned by how you build and how respective you are. If you build a good building, I grant you to level 2, and if you make something cool with the landscape and scenery, and a good coaster than I grant you to level 3. If I really trust you enough, then I bump you up to admin. Don't think I'm that easy to impress though!

So I hope you stop by my server sometime to check out what we're doing. As of the day this thread is posted, 3/26/19, we are doing a project called Santa Miranda. It's a No CS project about a California Theme Park off the Pacific Ocean Shores. Most of the map is the City of Santa Miranda. This was inspired by Los Angelos. The City itself is the main drag of the project, and it's going at a pretty steady pace. We have a gas station, a Best Buy, even Car Dealerships! It's a lot of fun! And I hope you guys will enjoy. :)

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