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Handyman/Mechanic patrol areas getting mixed up in multiplayer

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I'm running the latest dev version and am playing multiplayer (local network, windows 64-bit) w/ one other person and am noticing that the patrol areas for handymen and mechanics get mixed up (sometimes the patrol area for a handyman gets incorrectly assigned to a mechanic and vice-versa). You can see this in real-time when both players have the handyman/mechanic window open with the patrol area (for all handymen/mechanics) selected. One players adds/removes a patrol area for a mechanic and you will incorrectly see that reflected on the other player's screen for handymen. The patrol areas get so mixed up at some point that the handymen and mechanics end up patrolling the wrong areas (or just get plain lost).

Please fix! This makes multiplayer almost unplayable!

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