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[RT12P] New objects waiting to be made...

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I've got quite a doozy for you!!  I saw on YouTube about plans for Larson International (Plainview, TX) to build its 1st-of-a-kind twin-loop track with 2 separate trains (a Larson Super Looper sit-down train on the inner loop, with a 2-across/6-abreast inverted train on the outer loop) Super Crazy Looper for next year's season (2019) at Six Flags México City, sponsored in association with Koaster Kids (Logan Joiner's fan page on YouTube).

Here's an introductory promo video featuring Logan Joiner and Alejandro Hernandez:

Larson International's New Super Crazy Looper (Twin Track With 2 Trains)

The inner (regular Super Looper) track would be blue with a white Super Looper sit-down train, while the new outer (an inverter-type) track would be red with an inverter-type coaster train (that'd also be white); the red outer track would be intergrated along the outside of the blue inner track, with both coaster trains stop down below upright to load/unload its passengers—meaning there would be twin stations for each train, along with separate entrances/exits.

As far as building on with OpenRCT2, how would I go about it?!?!  Would it involve 2 separate coaster track/train types (Looping Coaster and Inverted Looping [2-Seater])?!?!  Would I concentrate on the blue inner loop 1st, then—the red outer loop 2nd...  I'd want both train types to have a white background, with coordinating color seats and restraints; this new design also calls for an enclosed tunnel (which can be built using scenery).  What'd you think?!?!  Thank You!




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Hello again!

Here are some gas station logos I did in Inkscape; then—converted each of them into the OpenRCT2 palette:

·EXXON (white rectangular with slim blue bottom bar and iconic red lettering)

·MOBIL (blue-edged white rectangular with iconic blue letttering, with a red <o>)

·SHELL [1] (the red-edged yellow sea shell logo on a red square block)

·SHELL [2] (the same as SHELL [1], but on a white square block)

·SUNOCO (a blue-edged yellow diamond-like shape, having a horizontal double-pointed bar, a blue-edged bold red arrow placed diagonally from top left to bottom right, and racy blur block lettering)

May somebody make these?!?!  Thank You!


ORCT2_US-Exxon Gas Logo Sign.svg

ORCT2_US-Mobil Gas Logo Sign.svg

ORCT2_US-Shell Gas Logo Sign Red.svg

ORCT2_US-Shell Gas Logo Sign White.svg

ORCT2_US-Sunoco Gas Logo Sign.svg

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