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First off, I think RCT 1 and 2 are the greatest games ever made, along with Diablo II. That being said I admire the developers for the work they have put into this project, for all of us to enjoy. I am sure they are fired by the same passion and love for this great game, and just to get started in the community I would like to thank every single one of the devs contributing to this project, all the bugfixes and features, and an active community in this day and age means a lot to me! It really makes me happy to be given the ability to play the game on this modern level! If some desynchs can be fixed and some limits raised the game will be just 100% perfect. It is great already, just that this is one of my hopes for the coming years 🙂 So, thanks all devs! If one day you would need some donations, I will surely be not the only one to put out a bit of money for this great project!


I am from germany, and I like this game so much, I had to register, just to show my appreciation to all the devs and maybe start to be active in the community for a bit. I have to work too obviously, but thats the good thing about the game, you would always find an hour or two to build a coaster or whatnot :)


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