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Greetings from a longtime on-off RCT Player

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Been playing the game on-and-off for years, since the early 2000s, starting off with the first game plus the expansion packs. It was fun to play around with, although I wasn't too good at designing coasters or at money management or really good at any of the scenarios (though I've improved since). I really enjoyed 2 for the coaster designer and the scenario editor, which makes it easy to create what's essentially a sandbox so that I can play around all I want. I used to create them with the "Build 10 coasters" objective, which while mildly tricky for me because of my coaster design habits, wasn't as scary to me as the "Guests in park" objective used to be - that one terrified me because of Arid Heights, which up to that point I had always failed because of not knowing how to properly keep up the park rating (Finally beat it when I tried it again 7-8 years ago). I'll tell you what I didn't enjoy about RCT 2, though: Perspective screw when placing scenery!

3 was a mixed bag for me. While I loved that it had a true sandbox mode and that you could get natural sloped pit and hill edges automatically, the ungodly amounts of lag caused by the poor optimization of the 3D... Urgh.

Recently I got bitten by the RCT 2 bug again. I also looked up the games on TV Tropes, and discovered the existence of OpenRCT2 in the process. It sounded like it had a lot to offer when it came to ride customization and lifting some of the ceilings on what you could do in the vanilla game (like hopefully the ever-annoying scenery object cap).

I don't know how much I'd be able to pull off myself as far as ride modding, but I can at least share track designs and such. And I enjoy seeing what other people do.

I'm rather partial to the Miniature Railway, so I'd be very interested to see what's available as far as custom assets for that.

Something I'm curious about though: I can't seem to find the "Store" where custom assets are listed 😕 What am I missing?

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