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Server not showing up

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I know this is typically frowned upon about reviving an old thread but I'm out of options. I don't even know if you will see this @djwessie but your issue seems to be the closest to what I am experiencing. I have the steam version of RCT2 and 1 as well and problems getting a headless server started. What or how did you separate the 2 installs of RCT?

I am having some issues with getting the headless dedicated server feature to work. I can create a mp server from in game, get it advertised and have external people connect and I am able to connect myself from another instance of the game running. For the headless portion, I can get it to show in task manager but I can't connect nor do i see it in the server list. I'm know I am missing some pieces but idk where else to look. I've been googling this issue for over 5 hours just to get where I am at now, but can't seem to get past this hurdle.

Any help or direction would be appreciated. 

These are my current launch parameters:

openrct2.exe host F:\Program Files\E drive\My Documents\OpenRCT2\save\autosave\servertest.sv6 --user-data-path config.ini --port 11753 --headless

From this I can see the task in task manager running but if i open another instance in the game, I cannot see nor connect to the server. I had tried putting my external address in the listening address line below but it didn't help either. I don't think its really pulling my info from the config somehow.

player_name = "Mako"
default_port = 11753
listen_address = ""
default_password = ""
stay_connected = false
advertise = true
maxplayers = 4
server_name = "Makos Schack"
server_description = ""
server_greeting = ""
master_server_url = ""
provider_name = ""
provider_email = ""
provider_website = ""
known_keys_only = false
log_chat = true
log_server_actions = true
pause_server_if_no_clients = false
desync_debugging = false

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