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Joshua Valley Park


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What is Joshua Valley Park?

Joshua Valley Park is a park I started when I discovered OpenRCT in which I liked to discover the functions it offered. It sadly is located on the "Make your own Six Flags Park" map which many of you will despise, but as it's been the biggest park I've worked on through the years, I liked the idea of showing what I've been busy on. The park is a mess, I will confess.

The reason for this mess is because this has been my template for all ideas I had through the years so when I liked a certain concept I would slap it right down. At a certain point, you will stumble upon an problem, that is the park becoming full. At that point I felt so connected with the park though, that I didn't want to leave it, so I started to an attempt to make it a decent looking park with set themed areas, how this will play out I will tell in future versions. 

Here is the save file so you can go look for yourself:

Joshua Valley Park Start.sv6

I've added polls for the ones that go through the file and want to put specific interest to a certain ride, but I'm sure this will be used to make a meme out of the horse ride and vote the kiddie coasters to victory. :P


PS. I do have to disappoint people that I have mainly kept saving on the same file so there's not many versions)

PS 2.  The go karts left of the entrance is not mine, nor are the decorations, this ride will be gone in future versions but as it was included in this first one I thought it should be in here.

PS 3. Yes, most of these names are very bad, tells something about me, huh? ^^'

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So some time has past, so I will be providing the next file of the park and some additional thoughts and comments.

Joshua Valley Park Overview V2

Feel free to look at the park ingame with the following file: Joshua Valley Park.sv6

Volcano - Joshua Valley Park

First up, the entrance area has seen various changes. S.T., the underground transport coaster, has been removed and in replacement the mine coaster has received a larger queue line which I really wanted because it's capacity being quite high. This file also includes the brand new volcano area which replaces the previously McLaren sponsored area. It features a dive coaster, scrambling eggs, space shot and go-karts. I think the volcano looks awesome in this area, further it's okay for the small space I tried to put this in. Also replaced is one of the prime coasters in the park which I always felt like had a very unlogical layouts, so I replaced it with a more familiy-minded attraction in the bobsleds as that is an area I thought the park could improve in. The observant viewer will also have seen that Steam Stroll finally has gotten a station building.

Water Coaster - Joshua Valley Park

Further up in the park you'll see the Steel Twister Sidemare also has been removed to make more place for family attractions. A water coaster has been installed and is still in the process of being themed. To still please thrill seeker, an insane space shot has been installed launching guests at 162 KM/H which is also yet to receive any theming.

Dino Dasher - Joshua Valley Park

The biggest expansion to the park's list of coasters is Dino Dasher, an interesting take on family coasters. It features 4 across trains with 7 cars making for good capacity per hour, which as the queue suggests, it really needs.  The overall theming is a bit bare, but I still really thing there's a lot to it. This is the real reason S.T. had to be removed, as the area behind the water coaster was hardly accessible and hard to build paths on. 

Dino Dasher Overview - Joshua Valley Park

Here's an overview of the entire ride.

That's it for this version, if there's anything else you'd like to know something about make sure to comment or message me. =^D


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