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Open Gardens

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To make an example of what a build log can look like, I will try to create a pretty park and a back store :-PI present you:View imageOpen Gardens, a beautiful park opened in 1926 on the clay soil of the Noorderkempen in Belgium, near the Dutch border.In their first days, the park only featured a few information stands and a carousel. But after being bought by Lord Laenen of Gallifrey, this will probably change.... Stay tuned!

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1927View imageThe park got expanded! The first real shop for Open Gardens is a cookie shop: Grandma's Cookies, with real pieces of grandma! Next to the cookie store, there's also a lemonade stand from the local scouting group.Exept for these shops, the park also got it's first electrical ride! A ferris name 'Look out!'. As you can see, the first guests are already enjoying themselves.

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I like it! Love that you built the path under the ferris wheel. I like where this is going. Also I like the idea of fences next to every path but I don´t really like those. IMO they should be used as a safety fence for rollercoasters for example. You might want to use a fence which is a little bit lower normally on the side of the path.

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