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Go Karts make no sense

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Sorry, but I firmly believe this. Just made a nice go kart layout in a park. Lots of cars to keep people moving, over and under paths, interacting with itself and another ride, a decent length, but not too long, even a small underground section. And I set it for 2 laps and test it, and it comes to around 4.75 excitement. Not bad.

Check it again a couple of minutes later, and decide to push it up to three laps to see if there might be a possibility of pushing the rating even higher. And it drops to about 2.30. So I drop it back down to 2 laps, and it goes down to 2.20. I change this, that, and the other, and the ratings remain in the toilet. Finally, I remove the small underground section, and set it back to two laps and test it, and it shoots back up to 4.77 excitement. Now I'm leaving the damn thing alone!

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The code snippet taken out of context is confusing because it's not clear what "edx >> 8" means.

Looking at the preceding code (the relevant bit is: "edx = get_num_of_sheltered_eighths(ride)"), we can see this is how much of the track is covered, in eighths. i.e. if 6/8ths or more of the track is covered, the ride excitement is halved. So driving in a tunnel is only half as exciting as driving in the open.

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