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Scenery Crashing

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Hey y'all, have been playing RCT2 forever now, but just recently found out about OpenRCT2. Everything's great, except the only issue I'm having thus far is one that's really bothering me:
So I made a scenario or whatever, and threw in some certain scenery items and such in the mix. The problems however are,  
a) I have one scenario, and when trying to place a "Dark age Tavern" it appears to be placing an object, but it's invisible on my screen. If I place it, it acts as if it's in the game (if i try to place something it'll tell me it's in my way) but it's just completely invisible.  I'm not fully sure if this also happens with other certain scenery objects because, and this leads me to the bigger issue
b) Trying to place certain scenery items results in my game just completely crashing. Like, for example, I clicked Giant Elm Tree or whatever (non-custom scenery items by the way, all RCT2 +Expansion items) and I'm allowed to select it, but the second I move my mouse out of the scenery tab with it selected, it crashes. It happens to random scenery items all over. So one minute I'm building stuff and the next the game crashes. So far I can't find anyone having this same problem so I'm not sure what to do about it.

EDIT: Seems like the newest version solved the issue.

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