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Full colorable wooden support pack

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After being unable to find a full package of colored wooden supports as individual scenery objects, I finally set the time out to take the vanilla sprites for wooden coasters and see what I could put together from them.

SR-RCT2-Wooden-Supports.zip (All pieces are named "SR Colorable Supports" in-game)

While I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out, there are a few glitches that I am still playing around with to try and perfect (shallow-to-steep and steep drop supports, both SE and NE). I welcome anyone to take a look at the files (SRSUPP1.DAT, SRSUPP2.DAT)

Overall, I now have the decent ability of trying to re-create a wooden look without having to do too many mix-in coaster types just to get the supports looking the way I wanted.

Pack includes pieces to fit the following elements 5ft and higher:

  • Flat
  • Flat to Shallow Up
  • Shallow Up/Down
  • Shallow to Steep Up
  • Steep Up/Down
  • Flat to Shallow Down
  • Shallow to Steep Down
  • 32px tall angled corner*
  • 16px tall angled corner*

Note: Angled corners need to be manually stacked, due to auto supports not accommodating.

I also plan to add a couple more vanilla pieces to the pack (Steep to Flat [1 block] top and bottoms) as well as play around with some custom ones, accommodating for a few different elements like zero-to-steep extended element, large loop, etc. For now, you can get close using the pieces included.

Any suggestions or critiques, please let me know!







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