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Dartz's Freebuild

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I recently put my server back online after a few months of it being down. 

Dartz's Freebuild is a server dedicated to building whatever you want - coasters, generic attractions, etc! Build anything to your heart's desire. You do not need to ask for permissions - just start building. You can find us in the server browser, or you can add it to your favorites: - Server #1 (running whatever the newest dev build is) - Server #2 (running whatever the newest stable build is)

All map sizes on the servers are 254x254. There's a few custom rides but no Time Twister/Wacky World scenery or rides so you don't need those two expansion packs to play on the server.

The maps are cleared when the ride limit is reached. The map is backed up hourly.


-Do not build any killer rides (rides that kill guests).

-Do not spam paths.

-Do not delete rides that aren't yours.

-Do not grief; your permissions will be stripped and you will be banned from the server permanently.

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Dartz's Freebuild is back!

After a long absence from OpenRCT2 I have returned and I'm hosting my server once again. The new IP/port is and it should be up for a while this time. Once again no custom content except stuff from Time Twister/Wacky World which you can get from Steam/Discord/GOG if you don't have it already. Enjoy!

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The server is back up once again.


The IP is the exact same -, but this time, with a different port. Server is running on the latest dev build and still requires TT/WW expansions. Pretty much everything is allowed this time around except obvious vandalism and destroying others rides. Enjoy!

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Yo guys, not sure if anyone still checks onto this forum but might as well post.

Just wanted to bump and say the server is up again. I have two servers online, one on (at the time of this writing) the latest release build, and one with the limits lifted, aka I've added some custom scenery and rides to both servers though 0.3.51-3 obviously has a lot more. 

This time the servers are at and respectively. Have fun!

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