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Download: RCT1 Scenarios for RCT2

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Hey guys,

I stumbled upon OpenRCT2 a couple days ago and have been playing it non-stop with my brother. The multiplayer aspect is beyond addicting. We were rummaging through one of my old hard drives and I found 70 RCT1 scenarios that I had found or personally ported to RCT2.

They work for me but I get a bout of lag each time I try to build a ride. I haven't experienced a crash yet, and my brother experiences no lag, so perhaps this is because I'm the host or OpenRCT2 is still in alpha/early beta.

Please comment and let me know if these scenarios work for you! If not, please explain what happens and I'll look into if I can fix it :)



Edit: Found even better RCT1 replica scenarios! Changing the files hosted here to those since they are superior to the ones I originally posted

P.S. Files are also hosted here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3cw47sd2wt3hues/ExactRCT1Recreations.zip



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Just a note, if you have RCT1 Installed, you can tell OpenRCT2 where it is, and it will import the scenarios directly from the first game.

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yea, what I would like to see is all the premade ride designs in RCT 1, when I play a scenarion in RCT 1, it doesnt have the full list of coaster designs, I have the steam version linked to OpenRCT2

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