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Melon Fields - 13x13


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I don't really have much time to build big parks, so I tend to start smaller ones. Ranging from stall & attraction variety to scenery, this park is pretty minimalistic. I think you can focus more on details when you artificially limit your possibilities in this game. Therefore I also decided to use only original RCT2 objects.

Although you literally can see every inch of my park in this picture, I'd be happy if you download and load it up, since then you can get a more "in-depth" view of everything.

Please tell me what you think about it. I'd like to hear some feedback of my work.

Melon Fields.sv6

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I like the pirate nets building at the bottom and it's cool that you don't have an idea where the station is without the tools.  (I can't load the game up now.)

I'd be cool if you used both side of the walls though, some walls look very empty.

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