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An RCT Christmas 2016


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Hi all,

I know it's after Christmas (I wanted to get this up beforehand, I really did), but I'd made a little makeshift Christmas-themed Scenario to help get into the festive spirit. It's nothing too fancy or too developed, so obviously there's a lot of room for improvement of your own choice. Either way, the Scenery is Christmas-themed, the rides are generally Christmas-themed (what with the expansion and all - I'll get to that in a minute... ), and the Scenario itself is supposed to be set in the North Pole.

Either way I hope you can find some value out of it. If you're coming here from my YouTube Christmas Special, then continue on and download it for yourself to try out! If you want you can send me messages/reply to this message on here with screenshots of your progress. See if you made more than I did in an hour!

Other than that, Merry Christmas everyone and have a very Happy New Year. I hope the last couple of days have been full of joy, festivity and giving. 

**This Scenario does use expansions from (I believe) Time Twister and Wacky Worlds. I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure you'll need both of them in order to play the Scenario with no issues. Either way, I've tested it on both versions of RCT2 (the original base version and the Open one) and the Scenario works fine, so having OpenRCT2 isn't of course necessary.


Description: "You've been sent to one of the most pivotal areas of the North Pole: Santa's Workshop. The mysterious big man himself has personally requested that you bring some more 'life' into the area by any means necessary. (Made by cjhrjone[54])"

Objective: To have at least 2,200 guests in your park. You must not let the park rating drop below 700 at any time!



An RCT Christmas 2016.sc6

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Updated Scenario
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