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Game crash on loading a Landscape

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Hi all,

I'm not sure if I am in fact posting this in the right area, since the error message told me to file it under OpenRCT2 on "GetHulk" or something? I couldn't actually see the error message properly because it was blocked by the crashed screen, but anyway...

I tried loading up one of my Landscapes to edit some minor details, but the game just crashed on me.  It occurred after I'd entered the Scenario Editor and then attempted to load said Landscape, resulting in a crash, the nearly unreadable error message, and a dump file creation (which I'll attach to this message). 

I was, however, able to access a different Landscape, and from that Landscape I was actually able to load the one I was trying to load previously. The Landscape I was originally trying to load does use some Scenery/Theming from some expansions, so maybe there was some conflict or something being generated.

This error occurred after the game automatically updated to the most recent build or version (using the OpenRCT2 Launcher), and the Landscape loaded fine before that.

I've attached the original dump file and the SV6 to the message. Hope this helps!






*Edit: I should note that everything else seems to work fine for the moment. It's only this Landscape loading that's the problem, but that's not to say I can't work around it.

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