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Guests unable to find ride

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I'm currently having an issue that has bugging me for a while now. I have built a new coaster in my park, opened it, loads of guests getting hyped to ride it, but then get stuck in a certain area, and complain about the park being too crowded.

Six Flags 2016-10-22 01-35-19.png

This is my ride, in its prior position.

Six Flags 2016-10-22 01-36-05.png

And this is the crowd who cannot find the ride. After this happened I thought it had to do something with the path leading to it would be too confusing, so I decided to move it to the other side of the park.

Six Flags 2016-10-22 01-36-27.png

Its new location of which I thought should be easy to reach

Six Flags 2016-10-22 01-37-10.png

And then this happened.

Six Flags 2016-10-22 01-38-02.png

My guess it has to do something to do with the queue line since having it like the picture above fixed the issue, but of course, doesn't look too good. If anyone has more knowledge about this, please let me know what could be the best thing to do in this situation!

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What build of OpenRCT2 are you using? There have been several, separate improvements to the peep pathfinding in recent weeks, with some being merged a couple days ago and the latest fix submitted only today (not yet merged into the builds). Even so, the path finding still has limitations which won't be resolved until it's completely rewritten using a better approach.

If you provide a savegame I can investigate to see if peeps are getting stuck where they shouldn't or if there is some other problem in the park causing problems for the peep pathfinding.

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20 hours ago, Mats said:

I am amazed updating to the latest version actually fixed the issue on both situations

Cheers for that :)

It's always good to get such feedback.  Makes the effort the devs and other volunteers put into fixing things worthwhile :-)

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